New Women Only Combat Fit classes coming to Cambridge!

Starting May 2022

2 x 1.5 hour classes per week

Trumpington Meadows
Primary School CB2 9AY

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What is Combat Fit?


The idea for our new combat fit class was born during the first lockdown in 2020. We were unable to teach live classes for almost 8 months, which meant we had to adapt, like many others in our industry, to online teaching.
Teaching martial arts and self defence online to students who were, for the majority, in isolation on their own was a challenge. Very quickly we realised that what people really needed most, was to stay active, mobile and flexible. If they could maintain their joints, muscles and basic level of fitness with a short blast each day, then when they eventually they returned to live classes, their ability to perform techniques once again wouldn’t suffer.

We taught online for an hour every single day over lockdown, that’s over 200 hours of material! We asked our students for regular feedback, and quickly understood which exercises were helping and more importantly – which ones they enjoyed.

Our Combat Fit Classes are designed for 2 x 1.5 hour classes a week. The goal is to take anybody from complete beginners to fitness enthusiasts and give them a solid foundation on which build their fitness goals.


The first 20 mins is Mobility. Arguably the most important start to any workout. Oiling the joints to keeps them supple and injury free, plus slowly improving your range of movement. If done correctly, shoulder, back and knee pain should soon be a thing of the past. Being able to kneel down and play with your kids or grandchildren is just as important as being able to some as being able to pistol squat or swing a kettlebell is to others. Both will benefit.

People associate lifting weights or doing push ups with getting big and bulky. That’s simply not true. Our goal isn’t to get you bigger, it’s to make you stronger. Strong, toned, lean muscle which helps keep you injury free and looking good. 20 mins of body weight exercises will get you those results much quicker than you think.

Your instructor is a high level Kickboxer and Krav Maga Instructor. You’ll be working fun, fast partner drills learning cool combinations and burning those calories for 30 mins. Expect to sweat. You’ll also learn correct technique. She’ll train you like fighters – not boxercise! Get in shape whilst learning something useful.

After the high intensity workout, you’ll have the final 20 mins to stretch, relax and decompress from your busy day. Stretches learned from a lifetime of martial arts and gymnastics. A mini blast of Yoga-style warm down to keep the limbs loose and the mind calm.